Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Dublin

Consular Services

Issue and Renewal of Identity Cards

Civil Identity Cards can be issued only to eligible persons who have attained the age of 12.

Civil Identity Cards are issued to the following persons:

(a) citizens of the Republic of Cyprus,
(b) persons of Cypriot origin and
(c) foreigners, permanent residents of Cyprus, irrespective of whether they have a permanent or temporary residence permit.

Persons applying for the issue or replacement of their identity cards through the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Ireland should submit to the Embassy the following:

  • Duly Completed application form (Greek and Turkish version).
  • Two photos of 4x3 cm in size certified by the Consular Officer of the Embassy.
  • Original Birth Certificate.
  • Original marriage certificate or certificate of divorce in cases of married women wishing to change their surname accordingly.
  • Passport of another country if applicant has another citizenship in addition to the Cypriot one.

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