Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Dublin

Visiting/Working/Settling in Cyprus

Visa Application Procedure and Documents Required

1. 2 completed visa application forms per person (Please fill out and sign BOTH forms - 2 forms per person in duplicate) with 2 recent passport sized photographs attached to the application forms.

2. The application must be submitted to the Embassy in person. The application forms are available at the Embassy or can be downloaded from the website by clicking on the link Visa Application Form below.

3. A recent official letter by the applicant’s employer in Ireland addressed to the Cyprus Embassy and stating his / her job and the period he / she has been employed. If the applicant is self-employed, a letter from the applicant’s solicitor, accountant or bank manager stating that he / she is self-employed and the title of employment is required. If the applicant is a student or graduate or postgraduate student at a College or University in Ireland, an original letter from the College or University that the applicant is attending the said College or University should be addressed to the Cyprus Consulate confirming subject of study, status of applicant and duration of the course studied.

4. The re-entry visa which appears in the applicant’s passport for returning to Ireland must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the period of intended stay in Cyprus. A copy of the applicant’s GNIB Card (Garda National Immigration Bureau Card) should also be submitted.

5. Original recent bank statement with name and current residence address proving that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the intended stay in Cyprus should be submitted. Please note that internet-downloaded bank statements are not accepted and that original bank statements from banks take a few days to be ready. Credit card statements can only be accepted in addition to bank statements and they have to be recent. Cash is not considered to be an acceptable proof for financing the cost of the applicant’s intended stay in Cyprus. ALSO, a recent utility bill (electricity, gas, home phone, mobile phone, etc) in the applicant’s name and with current residence address should be submitted. It is preferable that the applicant’s original bank statement and his / her utility bill have the same current residence address.

6. National passport which must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the period of intended stay in Cyprus.

7. Provisional booking or itinerary of travel arrangements (Round trip ticket with fixed dates) or proof of confirmed reservation of round trip ticket have to be submitted. Please ensure that the provisional booking or the itinerary of travel arrangements or the proof of confirmed reservation includes details of flight numbers and times. Tickets should not be purchased before the visa is issued.

8. Prior accommodation or hotel reservation the details of which have to be submitted to the Embassy.

9. If visiting on business or for the purposes of a conference, an official letter of invitation from a Cyprus company or the conference organizers must be presented.

10. If the applicant intends to stay during his / her stay in Cyprus with friends or family, the host will need to duly complete and sign an Assumption of Responsibility form which needs to be certified in Cyprus by a notary public. The Assumption of Responsibility Form (which can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link below) along with a copy of the main page of the host’s passport will then need to be submitted to the Embassy along with the rest of the application materials by the applicant. The Embassy may also ask for a copy of a Bank Guarantee Letter from the host, throughout a visitor’s stay in Cyprus, so as to cover the possible costs of repatriation. Bank Guarantee Letters are issued for the amount of:

· £500 for visitors from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, China, and other Asian countries
· £300 for visitors from the CIS, and other Eastern Europe countries.
· £200 for visitors from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and other Middle East countries.

The Embassy advises the above category of applicants to contact the Embassy for further information.

11. Visa application fee of €10.25 for single-entry visas which must be paid in cash and is non-refundable. The application fee is waived in case the applicant is married to an EU citizen and submits the original copy of the marriage certificate to the Embassy with the rest of the application materials.

Applications should be submitted to the Embassy at least 2 weeks prior to the planned departure. Please phone the Embassy to make an appointment for a visa.

Applications / Forms

In order to download the relevant forms please press the links below:

Visa Application Form
Assumption of Responsibility Form

For any further information please contact the:

Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Ireland
71 Lower Leeson Street
Dublin 2
T:+353 1 676 3060
F:+353 1 676 3099

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