Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Dublin

Consular Services

Police Clearance - Certificate of Character


The application for a Certificate of Character or Police Clearance should be submitted directly by the applicant to the Chief of Police in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The applicant, however, should complete the application in the presence of the Consul of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Dublin as the Consul has to witness the signature of the applicant.

The application that the applicant will send to the Chief of Police in Nicosia, Cyprus, should be accompanied by the following documents / materials:

1. A copy of the pages of the passport that the applicant used when he / she resided in Cyprus.

2. A copy of the applicant’s work permit and / or residence permit for the period that the applicant has resided in Cyprus and for which he / she is applying for Certificate of Character.

3. An Application Fee of €17.08. The fee can be sent in the form of cash or in the form of CHEQUE payable to the CHIEF OF POLICE. Applicants who send CHEQUES should ensure that the CHEQUES can be deposited in accounts in Cyprus.

4. Applicants are also advised to submit along with the rest of their documents / materials a copy of their Birth Certificate.

5. A short letter addressed to the Chief of Police of the Republic of Cyprus explaining the reason for the application.

Applicants should note that the issued certificate is valid for two months after the date of issuance.

Certificates of Character on completion will not be given to agents or any other person but will be sent directly to the applicant by mail (post) or given personally to the applicant. Therefore, applicants should make sure to enclose with the rest of their documents / materials their full name and address in Ireland. It is recommended that the applicant sends with the application and the rest of the documents / materials a self-addressed envelope for quick and accurate delivery.

Applications should be addressed to:

P.O. BOX 2022

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