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House of Cyprus» Cultural and Educational Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Greece

The «House of Cyprus» was established in 1987 and is located on 2A, Xenofontos Street, next to Syntagma Sq. As a section of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus and a department of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, the Section deals with the educational and cultural matters and provides the necessary information to the public.

The «House of Cyprus» organizes cultural events on a regular basis, aiming to promote the work of Cypriot artists and to strengthen the relations between the artists of Greece and Cyprus, as well as to promote studies made on Cyprus. Different cultural departments of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and various other authorities in Greece, are helpful associates in the organization of such events.

After its establishment in 1987, the «House of Cyprus» has instituted an important path in the Greek cultural scene. Some of the most important representatives of the spiritual and cultural world, of Cyprus and Greece, have addressed the public from its podium. The music and prose events as well as the art exhibitions, that have been presented, have managed to attract thousands of people.

Another important sector of the «House of Cyprus», besides the events that it organises, and its participation and presence in cultural events of other authorities, is the contact and coordination of events with the Universities of Greece, and schools across the country.

The organisation of seminars on literary matters, history and archaeology is an ordinance that has been bringing closer to Cyprus, for many years now, professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students. Since the establishment of the «House of Cyprus», the Philosophic Department of the University of Athens, in coordination with the «House of Cyprus» and the cultural departments of the Ministry of Education and Culture, organizes an excursion to Cyprus and a Cultural weekend, every year, which brings the students and the spiritual people of Cyprus and the works of its civilization, closer.

Moreover, the «House of Cyprus» is, undoubtfully, in close cooperation with the University of Cyprus as well, organizing on a tactical basis events for the presentation of the work and the programs of study, which take place at the University. It also provides the necessary information on the University of Cyprus, to people interested.

Also, the «House of Cyprus» is also cooperating with the Local and Municipal Authorities of Athens for the organization of events that are closely related to Cyprus. In addition, it is cooperating with other Greek authorities, like the Council for the Protection of the Cultural Inheritance of Cyprus, and many cultural organizations and authorities, like museums etc.

There is an established close relationship between the «House of Cyprus» and the Union of Cypriot Organizations in Greece for the promotion of Cyprus and of the Cyprus problem.

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The information of the Cultural and Educational Office:

«House of Cyprus» – Cultural and Educational Office of the Cyprus Embassy
2A, Xenofontos Str.
105 57, Syntagma Sq. Athens
Tel: +30 210 3734934
Fax: +30 210 3734904
E-mail: spiticy@otenet.gr

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